COVID-19 Resources

Going Remote?

The COVID-19 news is changing every day, and more and more businesses are being impacted so we created this resource center to help our clients and members of our community in hopes to alleviate some of the challenges you are all facing. Our goal is to enable your employees to work productively and securely while remote. We want to help make an easy transition to a remote workforce and provide any support needed while your organization is remote. View our solutions below.

ITCM’s strategic view and understanding of technology in your industry gives you the freedom to focus on your core business.

The best defense to stop phishing is well-trained employees. We can help you run simulated phishing attacks to test and train your employees on what they need to look out for.

ITCM consultants are here to help keep you and everyone you work with on the same page. With the tools found in Office 365 we are here to make sure your internal communication is as good as ever.

ITCM helpdesk team is bilingual, supporting clients in English and Spanish, and can provide around the clock support when needed. For more resources, please click here.