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AI to Breach Businesses

Real-Life Examples of How AI Was Used to Breach Businesses

There has been a lot of talk recently, about how hackers are leveraging AI to breach businesses. Hackers can sneak their way in more easily with these new algorithms used in social engineering.  Unfortunately, these are no longer just theoretical discussions. We have reached a point where AI-po...
spot social engineering

Training Employees to Spot Social Engineering

Social engineering is one of the newest methods hackers use to access sensitive information. Rather than attacking a system directly, this technique relies on human psychology to gain information. This method is brilliant when you think about it because it does not have to deal with going past ironc...
moving to the cloud

Moving to the Cloud Promotes Business Growth

The number of companies moving to the cloud is rising each year. This is not a surprise because cloud solutions are now a vital instrument for the growth and development of businesses in today’s digital world. If you have been looking for a way to scale your business and haven’t tried cloud tech...